Ways To Utilize Dynamic Ads

Our digital boards can do more than just display your static images. We can build different creative for different conditions based on weather, time of day, rss feeds and much, much more.

Day Parting
Maybe you have a lunch special that you want incoming traffic to see but you don’t want to waste the rest of your day advertising for something that you can’t use past 1pm. Day parting allows us to schedule different creative relative to different times of the day
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Web Feeds
RSS feeds allow us to pull content from other sources like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, news and sports-based data feeds. The images and text from these feeds can be pulled and populated into your creative to engage with users in more meaningful and personal ways.
Facebook Feed
Twitter Feed
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Conditional Content
Maybe you want your creative to be conditional to the weather. Our board allows us to pull from the national weather database to trigger ads based on weather conditions.
Rain Trigger
Cold Weather Trigger
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Dynamic Content
Are you hosting an event? We can ad a dynamic countdown to add to your creative to create hype and awareness about your upcoming event.
Counting "In 4 Days"
Counting Tomorrow
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I am the marketing chair on the board of governors at Community Players Theatre. We use billboards around town to advertise our upcoming shows and the Cybernautic digital boards are in such a great location! The Cybernautic team allows me to swap our graphics at any time, even on short notice, and we often have more than one ad running at a time. Our patrons mention seeing our billboards all the time, and we're confident it leads to greater community awareness about what we're doing at the theatre.
Emily O.
The Cybernautic Billboard team did an amazing job creating a beautiful ad for GOYA Ministries and had it up and running on the billboard in no time! The location is fantastic so we’re really pleased with the exposure to the community that brings more awareness to our mission!
Aubrey E.
Just 30 days after our ‘office space for rent’ ad went live, we had 8 companies reach out to us and we leased all available space. This digital billboard was our only advertisement.
Robbie O.
Not only are the digital boards in a great location in Bloomington, it's one of the few you can run interactive ads on. The Cybernautic Billboards team was easy to work with and helped us integrate an interactive billboard campaign where various ads were displayed based on the current weather conditions and others ads with countdowns to specific dates. A great team to work with as well as advanced billboard technology. A win, win for anyone wanting great ad exposure.
Josh J.
My business, Christmas Creations, was able to secure a spot on Cybernautic's digital billboard in the 4th quarter of 2020. This was in conjunction with hiring them Cybernautic Web Design to redesign our website. They were amazing to work with... very creative! We not only had a count down to our store opening date, but they suggested a countdown to Christmas... a great idea! There are no other billboards around this one, so you can't help but see it! Worth every penny we invested in it. I highly recommend Cybernautic, not only for their billboard services, but also website design and maintenance! They have a team of professionals that desire to make your business succeed! I would not consider going anywhere else!
Peggy P.