Why Our Digital Boards?

In a city full of advertising options, what makes our board so valable? Below we list out the benefits of our digital billboard and why we believe it is the outdoor space you should utilize to deliver your message.

Digital Outdoor
Americans are spending more time in their cars than ever before and travel tends to be the same routes each day. Over 22,500 cars pass our board on a daily basis with 1.3 person(s) per car! This increased time spent in the car translates into less time consuming traditional media outlets that many advertisers have relied upon—those able to offer both time-sensitive messaging and large audiences—and presents an opportunity to evolve.
Unparalleled Responsiveness
Digital billboards can be updated remotely in minutes using our software and our high-speed wireless broadband connection. We handle the scheduling of ads from our office allowing advertisers to respond quickly to a changing situation. For example, a hardware store can promote its sale on snow blowers as the winter storm approaches! Advertisers can even test messages for timing and impact, and then immediately tweak their messages for maximum return on investment (ROI).
Competitive Pricing
Not sure if it fits into your budget, talk to us! We’re creative and willing to find the perfect fit for your budget! Once you see the value, you’ll be sure to keep it in your upcoming advertising budget(s)!
Revolutionary Flexibility
With digital ads, advertisers now have the ability to day part their ads. This is revolutionary for billboards, which typically leave the same message up for a month at a time due to the expense, labor, and time required to develop and put the ads in place.
Location, location, location
Our Digital board is located within the heart of Route 9/Empire St across from the Central Illinois Regional Airport! View our map to see for yourself. Our digital billboard is located in a heavily trafficked corridor near medical center’s, Class A office space, real estate offices, banks, hotels and some of Bloomington-Normal’s finest restaurants. All of this means heavy traffic with the right audience!
Free Communication & Design Consultation
Put our creative, digital agency’s team to work for your business today! We’re offering a free consultation for your organization to discuss communication strategies and creative advertising ideas. Every contract comes with complimentary advertising designs.
Monthly Reports
We deliver a monthly traffic report on your ad so that you are always aware of how often each of your ads or ad variations showed and based on traffic counts, we estimate how many viewers see each of your ads. Here is a sample of our monthly ad report
Sample Report


A Sound Investment


CPM (Cost Per 1,00 Impressions)

Digital Outdoor Billboard
$1.50 - 2.00
:30 Radio Network
:30 Radio Spot
:30 Early AM Network
:30 Primetime Network
:30 Early News Network
:30 Late Fringe Network
:30 Primetime Cable
My business, Christmas Creations, was able to secure a spot on Cybernautic's digital billboard in the 4th quarter of 2020. This was in conjunction with hiring them Cybernautic Web Design to redesign our website. They were amazing to work with... very creative! We not only had a count down to our store opening date, but they suggested a countdown to Christmas... a great idea! There are no other billboards around this one, so you can't help but see it! Worth every penny we invested in it. I highly recommend Cybernautic, not only for their billboard services, but also website design and maintenance! They have a team of professionals that desire to make your business succeed! I would not consider going anywhere else!
Peggy P.
Just 30 days after our ‘office space for rent’ ad went live, we had 8 companies reach out to us and we leased all available space. This digital billboard was our only advertisement.
Robbie O.
I am the marketing chair on the board of governors at Community Players Theatre. We use billboards around town to advertise our upcoming shows and the Cybernautic digital boards are in such a great location! The Cybernautic team allows me to swap our graphics at any time, even on short notice, and we often have more than one ad running at a time. Our patrons mention seeing our billboards all the time, and we're confident it leads to greater community awareness about what we're doing at the theatre.
Emily O.
Not only are the digital boards in a great location in Bloomington, it's one of the few you can run interactive ads on. The Cybernautic Billboards team was easy to work with and helped us integrate an interactive billboard campaign where various ads were displayed based on the current weather conditions and others ads with countdowns to specific dates. A great team to work with as well as advanced billboard technology. A win, win for anyone wanting great ad exposure.
Josh J.
The Cybernautic Billboard team did an amazing job creating a beautiful ad for GOYA Ministries and had it up and running on the billboard in no time! The location is fantastic so we’re really pleased with the exposure to the community that brings more awareness to our mission!
Aubrey E.